Editorial staff



Kobrinsky Alexander Arkadievich – doctor of Philology, Professor, Professor of the philological faculty of Petersburg Institute of Jewish studies, Professor of the Department of Russian literature of the Herzen State Pedagogical University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).


Members of the editorial Board:

Balakin Aleksey Yurievich – doctor of Philology, senior researcher of the Pushkin Department of the Institute of Russian literature RAN (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).


Vinitsky Ilya Yurievich – Professor, Professor of Princeton University (Princeton, USA).


Dolinin Aleksandr Alekseevich – professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, USA).


Zholkovsky Aleksandr Konstantinovich – professor of the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA).


Lekmanov, Oleg Undershadowed – doctor of Philology, Professor, Professor of  National Research University Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow, Russia).


Lyustrov Mikhail Yurievich – doctor of Philology, Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences, acting head of the Department of Slavic literatures of the World Literature Institute of the RAN (Moscow, Russia).


Obatnin Gennady Vladimirovich – doctor of philosophy (PhD), associate Professor of the University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland).




The statements of consent to be part of the editorial Board, from all members are received and stored in the editorial Board of the journal.

Executive editor Ph.D., Professor A. A. Kobrinsky